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Subscription Additional Fees & Charges

Maintenance and Repair


Over your subscription period, Woltz Electric Cargo Bike has to be brought every 6 weeks for a 30point inspection. 


The rider is responsible for damage outside day-to-day wear and tear. During inspection of damage if neglect of the rider to be found or any accessory is stolen outside the scope of coverage the charges of part replacement are as follows:

Light and Horn Switch₹ 149.00
Middle Stand₹ 599.00
Side Stand₹ 149.00
Smart Display₹ 1,399.00
Front Rack₹ 599.00
Rear Rack₹ 899.00
Disc Brake₹ 699.00
Throttle ₹ 499.00
Headlight₹ 399.00
Rear Brake Light₹ 399.00
Controller₹ 1,599.00
PAS Sensor₹ 499.00
Battery As Per Actuals
Battery Box (Hailong Case)₹ 1,799.00
MotorAs Per Actuals
Charger ₹ 1,199.00
Battery Key ₹ 399.00
Chain Lock₹ 199.00
Tyre and Tube (Pair)₹ 1,099.00
Theft and Recovery

The rider is responsible for the safety of Woltz Utility Vehicles, Battery and its Accessories.


is liable, both directly for:

(a) the loss of, and all damage to, the Bike during the Term of this Agreement, including as a result of theft of the Bike.

➔ The theft must be reported to Woltz Energy Inc. within 4 hours. We will email you a form that we require you to fill out.

➔ All spare keys, batteries and accessories must be returned. You will be charged separately for unreturned accessories, outside of stolen vehicle.

➔ If the Bike and/or Battery is lost or stolen, you will be liable to pay Woltz Energy Inc. up to ₹10,000, being the replacement value of the bike and/or battery.

➔ In the event that your bike is stolen and you offboard, your initial security deposit will be used towards any theft-related charges (e.g., damages, recovery fee, replacement cost). If you seek a replacement rental, Woltz Energy Inc. requires an additional security deposit of ₹500 to begin a new contract.

Such amounts payable are fair and reasonable and constitute a genuine pre-estimate of the losses suffered by Woltz Energy Inc. in the event of the loss or theft of the Bike. You agree to pay such an amount immediately on demand by Woltz Energy Inc.

Termination Fees

An early termination fee of ₹249 will be charged if contract is terminated before 3 months.


We understand financial situations change, and want to make renting with us easy. However, keep in mind that failure to make a payment on a Woltz Energy Inc. electric bike in your possession for more than 7 days will result in the property being considered stolen and legal action may be taken.

Late, Missed or Overdue Payments

➔ If any Fee is not made for any reason (for example, if there are insufficient funds available in the nominated account), you will incur an administrative fee of flat ₹99 over and above of the subscription plan per bike. The administrative fee applies for every missed payment where an attempt is made to process a payment and it is returned by the relevant financial institution.

➔ If you find yourself unable to continue making payments, please make immediate arrangements to return the bike to the workshop. Failure to do so will result in the bike being reported stolen and your information being forwarded to the police.

➔ If you fail to adhere to the rules, a dedicated team member(s) may be making contact with you via the address you have provided on file and may repossess the bike. If you find yourself temporarily unable to pay, please communicate with our Woltz Energy Inc. Customer Service team and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Documents Required For Subscription

1. Address proof that you need to have (any of the following):

  • Voter card

  • Aadhar card

  • Water bill

  • Bank statement

  • Telephone bill

  • LIC policy

  • Passport


2. Identity proof (any two of the following)

  • Aadhar card

  • Pan card

  • Voter ID card

  • Driving license

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